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Get the VAT back on your Septic Tank Upgrade with Sepcon

We are pleased to be able to offer the Revenue HRI Scheme to our customers. For more information click here or call us today.

Sepcon provides a professional and detailed septic tank upgrade service from start to finish. Our efficiencies, buying power and highly skilled team get the job done on time and at the right price – We do all the work ourselves using our own equipment and materials. On completion of the works we provide a full detailed portfolio containing everything you need relating to your septic tank upgrade – including complete compliance certificates.

The fact is, not all septic tanks need to be upgraded. If your septic tank is structurally sound and the percolation area is fit for purpose and there are no pollution issues then a complete upgrade may not be required.

However if your septic tank or waste water treatment system is not working correctly you may need to upgrade it.

Did you know?

- Sepcon manage and monitor systems that treat & pump over 2.65 million litres of waste water every day.

- An average domestic household produces over 270,000 litres of waste water every year.

- Since January 2012 Sepcon has prevented just over half a billion litres of untreated waste water from discharging into Ditches, Streams & Rivers by upgrading polluting septic tanks, and that figure is increasing by over 435,000 litres every day.

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